Brandhike – building reliability of a niche brand.

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  • Brandhike

    A strong and minimalistic design that allowed a niche company to effectively present itself as a reliable business partner.

  • Brandhike corporate identity remains one of the most challenging projects we had the opportunity to face. The consulting agency is setting standards in a very difficult to define marketing niche – industrial tourism. This itself is a challenge when building a clear metaphor for the basics of visual communication. Their leading target group is a business client with a considerable investment portfolio. The end-user, on the other hand – an individual customer in the age range from the elderly to children.

  • Defining the elements „brand” and „hike” allowed us to find a clear metaphor

    connecting these two concepts into one coherent message. We adopted the symbolism
    of trail signage, with a very functional, reliable, orderly framework. Their image also evokes associations with adventure and curiosity.

  • Adapting the brand symbol to the diversity of applied media was a time-consuming and technically complicated process. The challenge was to maintain the proportions of the logo frame (unchangeable in principle) in a different context. We had to design each template separately for all possible screen resolutions.

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