CGTN: See the difference

  • CGTN: See the difference
    Multilayered digital mosaics showing 4 famous city landmarks. Base on the actual map of the city where the landmark takes place. Created to be used in the latest CGTN promo video.
    Mosaics, maps and metropolises. 3 of my favourite all time subjects are combined in this project. I have been commissioned by Perfect Accident Creative Services GmbH to create a series of mosaics using thousands of photos from 4 key metropolises for the biggest Chinese television network. The most iconic landmarks of Beijing, Washington D.C, London and Nairobi have been assembled in a digital collage based on the actual map of every city.
    Every mosaic is a huge (over 30000 pixels wide) multilayered file containing street and area names, street signage etc. The animators of Perfect Accident and their collaborators have used my artworks in a 60 seconds promoting CGTN.
  • The promo video:
  • The Mosaics:
  • Digital mosaic of CMG (China Media Group) headquarters building, on East Third Ring Road, Guanghua Road in the Beijing Central Business District.
  • Digital mosaic map of Tower Bridge on the River Thames in London.
  • Digital mosaic map of a giraffe in front of the Nairobi skyline including the monumental Kenyatta International Conference Center and other famous Kenyan buildings.
  • Digital mosaic of United States Capitol in the heart of Washington D.C.
  • Frames from the promo video:
  • Credits:
    Client: CGTN, China
    Executive Producer: Flint Skallen
    Concept and Production: Perfect Accident Creative Services GmbH
    Mosaics: Charis Tsevis
    Edit: Ole Wiedemann
    Animation: Patrick Becher
    Music: Steven Arnold Music

    Thanks a lot