Expo 2023

  • We took part in the Expo 2023 Brand Identity Contest. Unfortunately we didn't win. The project presented in here is a fraction of the pitch we did for the contest. Hope you like it and we would love to read your thoughts. Enjoy! Since it's beginning, the EXPO Brand has been an expression of creativity, science and innovation.

    As we move forward in time, culture and technology shape the way we think and develop brands. We believe Expo 2023 Buenos Aires is a vessel for creativity. Its the pencil-box in our backpacks or the toolbox in your garage. A brand that embraces creativity, as without creativity there is no innovation.

    We aim to build a Modular and Interactive Brand composed of "Bricks". A set of icons that, in its combination, will define the look and communication of EXPO. A brand which understands that together is better; that there are no rights without wrongs. A brand thought by us and created by them.

  • Client: BIE & Expo 2023 Buenos Aires

    Production Company: Hueso
    Director & Lead Designer: Gianluca Fallone
    Executive Producer: Santiago Moncalvo
    3D Artist & Director: Javier Bianchi
    Assistant Designer: Trinidad Azpiroz