Ostuni - The white pearl

  • T H E  W H I T E  P E A R L

    Ostuni is a white painted village located in the Itria's valley, perched on three hills. Its predominant color has made it one of the most famous Italian south cities in the world. This charming white pearl, with a warm and welcome heart, tells its peculiar culture with the typical Italian elegance. 

    We experienced Ostuni's for three days, meeting friendly and hospitable people. Our intent, as for The Blue Pearl project, was to show the village immersed in its enveloping color, focusing on the emphasis on white, making it as intense as possible. 

    To achieve that goal, we deeply explored the city for three days, analyzing and selecting interesting spots, photographing them several times across the 24 hours. Through this method, we were able to select just the photographs which had the most suitable exposure, raising the white shades' managing options in post-production.

    Visit The White Pearl behind the scenes. Discover more photographs, comparisons, tips and curiosities: 

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