• Meet Barefood & Giulia, a colourful bar and boutique hotel housing 7 luxurious and exclusive rooms, located in a beautifully renovated residence in the center of Hasselt, Belgium. BARE stands for honest, no-nonsense drinks & food, served in an eclectic and vibrant setting. GIULIA refers to the elegant style of the distinctive hotel rooms on the one hand, on the other hand, the love for vintage Italian goods — think food, wines, design, and of course: cars.

    This duality is translated throughout the overall branding, resulting in a game of contrast & balance, form, colour and style — two entities merging together, in an elaborated case, from logo mark, over stationery & print design, custom typefaces, signage & wayfinding, interior graphics, handpainted murals, webdesign, etcetera …
  • Visit Barefood Giulia:
    Leopoldplein 26 Hasselt (BE)