Mystical Beasts: part 1

  • «Mystical beasts» — extraordinary cycle of paintings in a unique style. Each painting is dedicated to a human condition and sensation, reflected in the image of a mystical beast.

    The idea of a «New generation art» is based on a combination of psychology, graphic design and painting. Visualization techniques are used to create a state transfer.

    G R I F F I N
    What is so special about these pictures? This is a boost of energy. «Griffin» is the energy of rage, liberation from the chains of doubts and fear. This is a fast and ultimate dash to the goal!

  • Series: Mystical beasts / 2019
    Energy: constructive rage
    Ideology & style: New generation art / Author's unique

  • «Go on and do it!»

  • A unique style combines abstraction and concrete images. With the help of the concreteness in the image, I begin to set the direction of the viewer's thoughts. And then, I blur an image with abstract forms in such a way as to support the general direction through psychological perception of colour and shapes and at the same time give the viewer imagination freedom. Looking at a picture, each person finishes it in his own way, choosing his own associations from personal experience.

  • Why «Mystical Beasts»? When the viewer looks at the picture, he automatically «tries» it on himself. It is easier to associate yourself with any animal, especially a fictional one, than with other figures. And this simplifies the state transfer process.

  • Paintings released a limited edition in size 60 ✕ 42 cm  and  120 ✕ 85 cm

  • O R I E N T A L   D R A G O N
    You know that the quality of your life depends on the information received, more than 80% of which comes through visual images. Just as the quality of physical food affects the health of our body, informational food affects the health of the mind and a sense of satisfaction with life. Visualization of the Oriental Dragon is a delicious and useful psychological delicacy!

    Series: Mystical beasts / 2019
    Energy: life-affirming
    Ideology & style: New generation art / Author's unique

  • This is a story about concentration of attention around sphere of interest and spiritual progress, an amazing depth of detail that you won’t get tired of looking at because every time you will notice something new and exciting!

  • Working on this picture, most of the time I experimented with posture and gestures. It is important to feel the volume, like a breath in the lungs, and a balance between nervousness from activity and pleasant relaxation, as with friends on a tropical island) Flexibility, lightness and vigorous vivacity in a body in combination with mental control.

    The design of this dragon and its environment is based on a historical-cultural traditions of the Asian region. I chose this character, because traditional dynamics of its transmission resonates well with the presented state, and in the modern interpretation it is possible to strengthen this effect.

  • The painting is executed in the unique author's style, created at an intersection of painting and graphic design.

  • «Oriental Dragon» is created in two gamma versions. With the image of a «hot summer evening near the azure water», you have already met above, now I invite you to enjoy the picture in the colours of the «breath of autumn over a copper mountain».

  • Paintings released a limited edition in size 60 ✕ 42 cm  and  120 ✕ 85 cm

  • On the front side of each print is a metallized logo. On the reverse side is the number of a specific instance / release limit, just below the name of the painting and under it is the name of the cycle. A protective pattern is visible in the ultraviolet rays.

  • What do you feel looking at this picture? Tell about it in the comments.

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