Network Rail: King's Uncrossed / East Coast Upgrade Ads

  • Rod Hunt was commissioned by 23red to illustrate the King's Uncrossed and Bringing your East Coast Closer campaigns informing the public of planned engineering works and track closures as part of the  £1.2bn upgrade program. The East Coast Main Line (ECML) is one of the UK's vital rail routes. Carrying over 20 million passengers a year, it connects London with East and West Yorkshire, the North East of England and Scotland.’ 

    King's Uncrossed.
    Kings Cross Station needs work: whilst it looks like modern inside, the tracks out back are a different story. In 2019 works started to untangle the tracks, simplifying journeys in and out of the station, and bringing order to the longest line in the nation’s rail network. Passengers that frequent Kings Cross Station may find it difficult to understand why further work is being done - at one of the most modern stations in the country. By using a visual language that explains the current state of the tracks, we’ll help passengers visualise the work that we are doing and the consequential benefit. The campaign illustration will evolve over the duration of the works showing the simplification of the tracks once work is completed in 2021.

    Bringing your East Coast Closer.
    Using the same visual approach as the illustration as the King’s Cross Remodelling project we created important synergy between the campaigns. The illustration features a selection of the major cities/hubs along the East Coast Main Line using landmarks and key features, bringing them closer together.