ROOM 10∞

    Street Art City / Hotel 128, Lurcy-Lévis, France
    Monthly Art residency


    ‘MATINÉE – A Projection of Life’ is a space designed in mind to experience art in a different way. Feast your eyes, listen to the sounds, find and interact with hidden portals. Room 108 is the last room painted in an abandoned Hotel 128, Street Art City, France.
    We are born into this beautiful world and learn how to live life, we are programmed by our family, school, and media. The beginning of our journey is an exchange of experience, energy, and light. One day we start to discover the true self, who am I? It is an important step of our transformation path to find balance and content in our live.
    Find joy in spending time with your thoughts, meditate. The journey is not easy and no-one else can make the effort to walk it for you. You, me and everyone have a side of light and darkness. Understand and choose carefully. Be brave, overcome your fears and break the patterns of your destructing thoughts and behaviors. Make the necessary choices to get closer to your Happiness and higher FREQUENCIES. Like in dualism and the Yin Yang, we have good and evil, order and disorder in us. Each side has the capacity to transform. Balance can be found by walking on the thin line between the two states. It is a JOURNEY through SELF-DISCOVERY, DEVELOPMENT, and TRANSFORMATION, where at the end of this journey we are able to look at ourselves in a better light. Balance can be achieved throughout the CYCLES of everyday practices. Good relation between our Heart and Mind is a key. Let your intuition power up your navigation system to the UNIVERSAL ALIGNMENT.
    To find a connection with this part of the world, on the 15th of August at 11 am, I painted on the floor constellation of the stars, with the use of the Star Walk mobile application. I lined up the live scan with the Portal X installation and started painting. First, the full moon was drawn, the rest has aligned in time.
    Massive thanks to Sylvie & Gill, the whole Street Art City crew and my assistant Roman for an amazing support during the entire art residency. Thanks to Evan Worldwind and Radek Rudnicki from Space F!ght for the music, which can be listen inside of the room.
    Three installations and part of the sculpture were made of recycled materials found around the Hotel 128.​​​​​​​ 

    Video was recorded and edited by After Hours Project


    Message on the door for the visitors of the Room 108

    May I suggest that you explore the space this way:
    Have fun, touch the walls/floor to find hidden portals inside. I have placed QR codes around. Scan them with your camera app, put the headphones on, and enjoy the full visual and auditory experience of the room. When opening hidden portals please close them so they can be reopened by others.
    My final wish for your experience: when you activate the heart that I have installed, think of three people you cherish and hold dear in your HEART.
  • HOTEL 128
  • Progress shots
  • Details
  • Entrance to the Room 108
  • Portal installation
  • Sculpture
  • Metamorphose installation
  • Heartbeat installation
  • Constellation live scan & progress shots
  • Interaction elements / QR codes
  • Interaction elements
  • Paintings - progress shots
  • Exposition of paintings
  • Universe & optical illusion 
  • Paintings
  • MÉTAMOURPHOSE‘ painting
    Mixed media: acrylic, medium gel, spray paint on canvas, 90cm x 90cm
  • MATINÉE‘ painting
    Mixed media: acrylic, medium gel, spray paint on canvas, 90cm x 90cm
  • Book of the HOTEL 128 - 2019 Edition
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