ECODENTA limited edition


    From spinach and spirulina to carrot oil, acai berries and chia seeds, superfoods are now taking over skincare and cosmetics as well as salads and smoothies. 

    The toothpaste category is stagnated in terms of superfood introductions. There are only a few brands that are brave enough to offer something out of the box and not the same boring flavours. 

    The task was to create eye catchy limited edition design that would go out of Ecodenta’s regular line design rules, but still, that would be seen as a part of the line.​​​​​​​


    Spinach is the essential ingredient of this toothpaste, so for the packaging, we used large drawings of freshly looking spinach leaves. The illustration covers almost whole area of the packaging and dominates in the design to make it look more limited edition. Such a design solution is different from other Ecodenta’s and it stands out from them.​​​​​​​

  • Client: BIOK Laboratorija
    Head of marketing: Ieva Čepononė
    Brand manager: Ugnė Steliulionytė

    Agency: étiquette
    Design Strategy: Edvardas Kavarskas
    Art direction: Irmantas Savulionis
    Graphic design: Greta Dumčiūtė
    Illustration: Inorama
    Account management: Rita Dargytė

    Printing manufacturing: Albéa, Garsų pasaulis
    Product photo shoot: Irmantas Savulionis

    © étiquette, 2019, Vilnius​​​​​​​