Tec Review

  • Tec Review.

    Tec Review is more than the official magazine of Tecnológico de Monterrey university based in Mexico Cit. it’s an authority on innovation, research, technology, science, and entrepreneurship; through its pages, students, alumni and academics witness the trends of our era. Our commission was to illustrate the cover for the November-December issue along with three spreads of its central piece titled “Revolution in view”.​​​​​​​ Rethinking the future where the eye is more than a mere receptor. It becomes a gadget with which we transform the way we see the world. Can you imagine taking a photo with just a blink or maybe collect data about the places or products you look, even even if it was only for a second? 

    This is not science fiction. Is to see the world with new eyes.

    Mexico City - CDMX