• In 2019, to amplify and grow my knowledge about Blender, I started drawing and modeling some doodle in my free time. The goal was to create some interesting but simple characters, that can give to me the possibility to put my attention more on the materials, the colours and some software’s specific function. This project is the consequence of these choices, a collection of exercises about particle system, sculpting, texturing, modeling with curves, etc.​​​​​​​

  • Poisonous Mushroom
    For this doodle I put my attention on Blender's sculpting and texturing functions to augment my confidence with UV unwrapping.

  • Wet Cherry
    Sometimes Blender’s particle system does not made my life simple... For this reason, I tried to increase this skill working on several doodles in manageable situations that might be easier for me.

  • Mexican Cactus
    With this doodle I practiced the repetition of an object around an axis, an oddly non-intuitive function in Blender, and I tested the Amd’s ProRender render engine and its texture mapping.

  • Bleached Radish and Funny Acorn
    The microdisplacement it’s an incredibly powerful function, on my acorn I tested its technical qualities, including hardware resources necessary for a correct application. The radish is yet another exercise of texture painting and sculpting (on leaves).

  • Arale's Poop
    Working with curves it’s incredibly advantageous in Blender, in this doodle I experimented with functions related to the scaling of a single point, HDRI illumination and reflective materials.

  • Balloon Cactus
    Here another exercise focused on the particle system and texturing.

  • Crazy Bomb
    Perhaps the simplest doodle here, but the one that required from me more attempts due to Blender's texture painting and the unwrapping of a sphere. I was becoming mad…

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