Drawlloween 2019

  • Artworks I did for the Instagram drawing challenge 'Drawlloween'
    over the month of October.

  • Prompt: Alien
    I wonder what an alien observer of our planet would make of us.

  • Prompt: Pumpkin

  • Prompt: Bat
    This is Vladimir the vampire bat. Vlad is a vegetarian so will only feed on blood oranges. But in Vlad's world, everything even the fruit, is sentient. Is Vlad really vegetarian?

  • Prompt: Cryptid
    A rare capture of the Loch Ness Monster, seen here perhaps even posing.

  • Prompt: Huntress
    Helen tried hard to be a good huntress like her mother taught her but she didn't see the point when she could make friends with all the creepy crawlies and play with them instead. Though sometimes she accidentally did "get rid" of them when she played a bit too rough.

  • Prompt: Poisonous Plant
    Manny the mandrake stomped about as if he had power over all the lands. 
    He thought at one utterance of his poisonous voice he could paralyze anyone who opposed him. But he forgot an important detail – that the flowers and many 
    other sentient beings had no ears for him.

  • Prompt: Moon
    The bright-eyed moon had promised it would shine its pale light into the darkness 
    until the new dawn came. It kept its promise.

  • Thanks for looking at my work!