• Lil Horrors
    Personal Project​​​​​​​
  • This is a personal project where I'm exploring new fun characters, in this case I have created the Lil Horrors, a gang of ghoulish friends who play tricks and save the world.
  • Manny the Sugar Skull who’s addicted to dancing to goth and punk music. Manny’s affliction to hearing danceable dark music can be a detriment to his attention span and this will span gags along the story.

    Jackie the Lantern an eternal prankster who is field by hellfire. Jackie is fearful of water and in particular rain as he cannot have his fire doused. He’s the loudest of the group and is always seeking attention and acknowledgment from the gang.

    Blair the witch of dark matter, she experiments with spells and even experiments on the gang, much to their annoyance. She’s a well of knowledge and lore of creatures and magic.

    Sabrina the femme fatale cult member of the Bastet Chapel who hangs out with the group because she’s always bored. Sabrina is the gangs collector of town gossip and is always in the now.

    Ludwig the vegan vampire who feeds off green vegetables and fruit to keep his skin in colour (and his pet Battsy) Ludwig is a shy vampire youngling and lives under the shadow of his famous father whom looks down on his decision to never harm a living creature and feed of blood.

    Boris the Bandaged, a hulking mass of… no one knows whats under the bandages other than a big heart. Boris is the groups heavy duty muscle and lives to protect the members from other gangs. Boris speaks clearly and has vague memories of past lives which can confuse the gang in conversations. 

    Doc the costumed Plague Doctor from another realm whom no one knows much about, even their gender as we the viewer can never decipher the muffles on their mask. Doc is a non binary characters and is very private about themselves but has a wealth of knowledge in regards to diseases, potions and biology. Doc is the morbid scientist of the group and can come into conflict with Blair on many occasions. 
  • Manny
  • Jackie
  • Ludwig
  • I love creating group shots for the characters.
  • iPhone 11 Pro Wallpapers