DNA - Promo Animation

  • DNA - Promo Animation

    Ratinho is a famous TV host that we have a pleasure to work with on a promo video for his show, here at SBT television.
    As Ratinho's show is a "funny" show, we chosed funny characters and style for illustrate
    ( Everton Caetano ) and ( Lucas Mariano ) animate.
    The promo video was made to promote the atraction of this show, to solve cases of
    partenity through DNA tests. We hope you like this!


  • Concept Art and Illustrations
    Follow below all the Illustrations, Concept art and sketches.

  • Process
    Follow below some scenes and process. It is a mix of frame by frame, rigging, 3D modeling/animation, and scene compose.

    ​​​​​​​Here you can see how some scenes were made.

  • Mouse Reference
    This video of a running mouse was used as a reference. After that, was made the mouse body's rig and the frame-by-frame animation for the legs running.

  • Rigging and Key Poses
    One of the most important scenes in the video was the Host scene. Everton did the key Poses as reference and the "mouth chart" to Lucas animate him. The result is nice!