Baby Octopus and Garden Eel

  • Baby Octopus and Garden Eel

    This piece, Baby Octopus and Garden Eel (sold out) is one of my new soft sculptures for my solo exhibition in Tokyo.

  • 水島ひね個展

    営業時間:11時〜19時 定休日:水曜日

    画家のヒグチユウコ さんのオリジナルショップ/ギャラリー、ボリス雑貨店で個展をやらせて頂きます。

    I am holding a solo exhibition at Boris Zakkaten (a shop/gallery owned by a super popular artist, Yuko Higuchi) in Tokyo, from October 10 to November 12, 2019!

    In addition to new soft sculptures, there will also be brooches, postcards, cookies, and Higuchi x Hine Collaboration pieces.
    They will also be showing some of my earlier work, and the "Hine collection" owned by Yuko Higuchi, which can only be seen there.
    Some of my past music videos (mostly for They Might Be Giants) and GIFs will be played at the gallery.​​​​​​​
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