Stranger Things 3 - Stranger80s

  • ​​​​​​​SCENARIO

    Stranger Things is one of Netflix's most famous titles, 
    but to turn the Italian launch of season 3 into a national event, 
    we couldn’t rely only on the young target already in love with the show (18-24 y.o.). 
    For the first time, we had to talk to those who actually grew up in the Italian ‘80s. 
    A generation still faithful to national TV, place in which it is hard for Netflix to find its space.


  • IDEA​​​​​​​

    Thanks to an unprecedented partnership with Mediaset, we changed the daily TV schedule of Italia1, 
    the 3rd biggest TV channel in the country and a true icon for 3 generations of Italians, 
    and filled it with a massive dose of fun nostalgia able to connect the show to the Italian ‘80s.
    Starting with the unexpected return on the screens of Uan, a pink puppet linked to the childhood of our target, protagonist of an incredible journey to Hawkins, the hometown of Stranger Things.


  • EXECUTION​​​​​​​

    For an entire day, we turned Italia1 upside-down through a full takeover designed to bring Stranger Things 
    on national TV thanks to movies, fake-commercials and tons of bespoke contents linking
    the Italian ‘80s 
    to the world of the show. Netflix's social channels were the meeting place for the audience 
    of this huge TV stunt. There, people found an editorial plan designed to expand the experience 
    and turn it into an online conversation under the hashtag #Stranger80s. ​​​​​


    On Netflix social channels, people found an editorial plan designed to expand the experience 
    and turn it into an online conversation under the hashtag #Stranger80s. 
    Uan's story continued on social media too, with a shocking discovery 
    about the patient number one of the Hawkins Lab. Guess what? It wasn’t Eleven.