Cravero Lanis

  • CraveroLanis is one of the largest advertising agencies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As an independent Agency, brands choose CraveroLanis for its deep knowledge of the industry and reputation built over the years.

    In Hueso we believe in Modular Brands. ID's that grow and adapt with culture and technology. CraveroLanis ID aims to live among modern interactive brands. We trust the new brand embodies the feeling of unity and purpose in its most iconic form. The new Logo seeks to tells the story of all things coming together to give birth to the idea.

  • Client: CraveroLanis
    Client Creative Director: Diego Aguerre
    Client Coordinator: Marina Colombo

    Production Company: Hueso
    Director: Gianluca Fallone
    Executive Producer: Santiago Moncalvo
    Art Director: Gianluca Fallone
    Junior Designer: Federico Sanchez
    Web Design & Coding: Mercedes Bugarin