UTOPIA // blankhiss chapter VII

    "Utopia - A collision between reality and fantasy."
  • Invited by BlankHiss we took part on their Chapter VII whose theme was Utopia.
    So, the idea of utopia adopted by us and presented in this work was based on a certain set of opposites. More specifically, we intended that the interpretation of utopia was a nice combination between the unreal, from the perfection of geometric shapes, with the real translated in the imperfections through the use of some visual distortion caused by the movement of letters and background. The same way of thinking was used when we picked up the colors. The use of a noisy black with a blue-green, allowed us to emphasize the difference of the shapes and their purposes.
    Basically, besides a representation of an utopia, or something that is surrounded by perfection, ideal, and somehow, fantasy, we tried at the same time to confront it with the reality.
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