Johnnie Walker Blue Label Special Edition

  • Vero Escalante X Johnnie Walker Blue Label

    Here’s a beautiful project commissioned by Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Available exclusively in from September 2018, the limited-edition 70cl bottles.
    The color palette used is several shades of blue, the natural gold of whiskey.
    This project is a three-dimensional object, and it was an interesting challenge: the image must work well as a flat image, but also as a triptych, with three independent planes, the elements must be well located and must not be cut uncomfortably and the composition In each plane it should look interesting.
    The Concept
    The central motif of the national flag - the sun with a human face - represents the sun that shone through the clouds on the day that Argentina won independence from Spain.
    The final result is impeccable, I like to see how each side of the bottle tells a story, bold rays of light emanate from the sun, spotlighting different points in Argentine history and culture.
    From the Perito Moreno Glacier glittering to immense Iguazu Falls transforming from sunlight into cascading water.
    Gaucho pioneers traversing the pampas on horseback using the light to navigate, to a couple dancing the tango under the spotlight, to de iconic Floralis Generica sculpture in Buenos Aires reflecting the light back to the heavens.
    As the country's progress is illuminated, the Striding Man can be seen walking on the rays themselves.
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