War & the Warrior

  • War & the Warrior​​​​​​​
  • A series of sculpted eyewears made for the exhibition Form (Form-less) Less at Tao art Gallery.

    Made out of Indian Rosewood.

    This range of limited edition eyewears will soon be available for order at Sayonshop.com.
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    -  Curator's Note  -

    Form (Form-less) Less

    “But we nonetheless intend to put the formless to work, not only to map certain trajectories, or slippages, but in some small way to “perform” them.” 
    The Use Value of “Formless”, Yve-Alain Bois

    There is a constant search for a moment in contemporary Indian art, for a unique value that is believed to only, perhaps, be deciphered by pulling apart, or breaking down existing structures of visuality. This comes from, what now feels like, an age-old binary between “form” and “content”. Whereas the former is oftentimes seen as a concern with the “how” something is created, the latter is seen engaging with the “why”; the former with structure, the latter with meaning, and so on. The attempt with this exhibition is to pull away from said binary, towards a space where an “operation” could take place. An operation then, being concerned with both form and content, but also existing outside of each, as a space where the performance of art could take place. We have brought together several digital, and material artists, who we feel function within this space of the operation; where each artist showcased is, in their own way, moving towards a performance of the “formless”. The formless, then, would be the space of/for operation, where artists engaged with materiality, digital, or otherwise, could converse.

    - Ronojoy Sircar

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