Evolution is Now | Street Art

  • Mural concept by Šumski & Yango González
    with Dona Cerovec & Cristina deJuán 

    Komiža, Vis, Croatia 2019
  • Speech of Mamo Felix (Kogui shaman) | Pueblito, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia | February 2017 

     “I am a Mamo, a wise man with knowledge about Mother Nature. Today I have come to tell you that where I come from, Mother Nature has come crying and that I am very worried about this. Three days ago I arrived at this place after walking for a day and a half. I hardly go down to the cities, but I have heard that there are many problems. I have heard that you, our younger brothers, are desecrating Mother Earth.​​​​​​​
  • Our spiritual parents have entrusted us to take care of what we have: take care of the sea and the hills, take care of the sacred places. Take care of all this because it is part of the body of Mother Nature. Neither we, nor you can end these objects. We cannot collapse the hills, nor can we extract the minerals. You have drilled the earth, you have built dams that cover the rivers, you have built ports and you have raised antennas. You are killing nature.
  • Father Sun has also spoke to me about you, about the diseases that he has contracted and that have led his rays to dry and kill trees and animals. I wonder: Is this killing the fault of the sun? Or rather the fault of humanity? The answer has been given to me by Father Sun himself; he has told me that he is sick because there is an imbalance, an imbalance of the Earth's ecosystems.
  • Today I tell you that Mother Nature is sick, malnourished, decayed, it is not working well because the sacred objects, which are part of her body, are no longer complete. Mother Nature has incomplete organs. See it for yourself: the trees are running out, the rivers are running out.

    Little brothers: What are you thinking? Do you want us to finish each other once and for all? Have you thought about what we are going to do in the long term, what are we going to do with the next generations?
  • During these days of meeting, we the Mamos of the Sierra gathered here, have been thinking only about one thing: Is it maybe that our little brothers are not aware that the mother feels pain, that she is sick with fever?
  • I have heard about mining projects that our little brothers want to do here in our territory. If they do, they have to know that Mother Nature will feel very weak and she will dry. The river will cease to exist, the tree will cease to exist and the birds will begin to become extinct. When that happens, how are we going to live?
  • I have heard that you are taking oil and collapsing the environment. Oil, little brothers, is the liquid of Mother Nature. And Coal is her brain. That oil that you burn, is taken by the air and when it starts to rain, it affects Mother Nature. Global warming is a fact because the Mother is malnourished. 
  • Why do you extract oil and coal? What are we going to do next, when you have taken everything out? Do we want to tell Mother that she has her days counted?

    Why do we want to end up with each other?
  • Little brothers, Mother Nature created natural resources not to be a source of economy. He created them as a means to connect with our ancestral parents. Through our mountains, its lagoons and its hills we connect with the entire world. In the whole world there is the same thing here: land, hills, lagoons, species. From the Sierra we do our spiritual work, our payments and our offerings throughout the world.
  • We, indigenous leaders, were entrusted by our ancestors to take care of resources, take care of that connection with the rest of the world. We have never desecrated their sacred places to mount thermoelectric plants, we have never extracted gold and we have never extracted oil.

    You, on the other hand, do what you want.

  • We feel that you have come to our territory to take away what little we have. Thus you have begun to harm us. Do you want to kill the indigenous? Do you want us to abandon our rituals? Or what do you want? Do you want indigenous people to become non-indigenous like you?

    That is not the way.
  • We must begin to respect and create awareness about Mother Nature. We must respect her. We must stop mining that whips and ends it. Let's talk to take care of the Mother together. Let us ask ourselves how we want to live.
  • They have sent me to bring this message. The Earth is injured, but we are still on time. If we don't act, the moment will come when we meet the end of humanity.

    This is what I have come to say here today.

    Mamo Felix