Bloomberg Futures

  • Bloomberg asked us to work our data visualization magic for an automated video campaign analysing the futures market. We created a concise (and eye-catching) financial recap published every Monday right after market closure.​​​​​​​

  • Generating diversity

  • Algo keeps things interesting with 4 graphic themes and 7 color palettes that can generate countless videos.

  • Let the data speak

  • Customized voiceovers and quotes by a range of financial experts are written & uploaded on the Algo dashboard, adding a human touch that makes the automated video campaign relevant.​​​​​​​

  • Highly adaptable

  • Both visual and text content go hand in hand, maintaining ratio and look, no matter the word count.

  • All for sharing, in multiple formats

    Multiple formats are nowadays essential for an online presence that covers many shifting landscapes, allowing clients to stay ahead of the game on various platforms. 

  • ...

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  • Credits
    Production: Luca Gonnelli
    Design & Creative Direction: Ilenia Notarangelo
    Motion engineering: Matteo Ruffinengo
    Data Science: Nima Farzaneh
    Animation: Dave Cubitt
    Portfolio Case Study & Video: Giovanna Crise & Laurentiu Lunic