Brizo Invari

  • Brizo Invari

    Machine Age Pragmatism Juxtaposed
    With Organic Overgrown Naturalism.

  • For Brizo's Invari collection, we took on the task of utilizing juxtaposition as a theme, combining Victorian elegance and Machine Age pragmatism. The settings we built for each vignette challenged our idea of where each photograph actually took place, questioning feasibility while demonstrating absolute functionality. Our material focus complimented Brizo's carefully crafted hardware, emulating themes of majesty vs. machinery and decorum vs. defiance. What is clean and refined pairs with pattern and irregularity. 

    We shot three separate vignettes for Brizo mixing photography with subtle video to create ornate floral sets with subtle made-you-look details. We envisioned a world that existed neither indoors nor out, covered in a delicate overgrowth of wildflowers and mossy greens.

    The scenes we created balance the line between practicality and unbelievability. They question feasibility yet demonstrate absolute functionality. Our images were meant to be made not only as static images but as deceiving magical moments caught in a loop of time.​​​​​​​

    Client: Brizo
    Agency: Young and Laramore
    Category: Art DirectionPhotography
    Year: 2019

    Art Direction: Wade and Leta
    Photography: Wade and Leta
    Executive Producer: Dan Cingari
    Producer: Josh Sondock
    Photo Assistant: Julius Frazer
    Photo Assistant: Brandon Jones
    Floral Design: Eriko Nagata
    Production Designer: Maggie Ruder
    Leadman: Mike Swastek
    Assistant Props: Michael Staffieri
    Assistant Props: Kate Espada
    Truck PA: Rachel Marquez
    Truck PA: Olu Finerson