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  • Years ago, people had less possibilities to interact at any given time and had to meet in person in order to talk. Nowadays, thanks to the advent of mobile phones first and of the Internet shortly after, it's possible to keep in touch and get more and more information through social networks.
    Generally speaking, we are always well informed and constantly up to date on each other's activities.

    There are many types of socials, each with its own peculiarities, that are able to coexist by differentiating their content, functionalities, and target users.
    Despite these variants, they all share the same goal: to increase the number of active users and interactions between them.

    People are happy to be users, since they are kept busy and they're given the chance to be part of groups and niches that would otherwise be unreachable.

    The writing has become shortened and standardized (suffice it to think of the use of emojis) because of the sheer quantity of available content and the fact that a single text could potentially be read by everyone.

    Within reach of the hand, we now have access to a powerful tool, that allows us to break down geographical barriers and bring different cultures closer together.

    With this being said, it's important to take account of the tendency that those involved have to withdraw from true and actual socialization, choosing to focus their attention on their phones, while ignoring people next to them.

    Without a moderate use of social networks, there's an active risk for relashionships to become pure consumersism, time killers, devoided of any real substance or value.

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