Sheppard — Die Young

  • Music has always been close to our hearts, therefore we were over the moon when Sheppard, one of the best known Australian indie-pop band, again chose our team and invited us on board to create the cover for their new single “Die Young”.Instead of working in 3D, we decided to take up the challenge and use hand-crafted objects.

    We did it A to Z. From creating an initial concept inspired by Sheppard’s new video clip, through preparing separate casts of man’s and woman’s faces, photoshoot – where we had to hang both elements of the sculpture and set it right so that it perfectly reflects the moment just before the heroes kiss – and a retouch.

  • Client: Sheppard

    Creative Production Studio: Ars Thanea
    Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
    Art Director: Maciej Mizer
    Concept Artist: Michal Urbanski
    Digital Artist: Tomasz Chrabołowski
    Studio Supervisor: Mikolaj Valencia
    Photographer: Szymon Swietochowski Photography
    Sculpture: Cezary Kostrzewski
    Production: Katarzyna Pawłowska