The Best Design of the Year

  • The Best Design of the Year

    FAD, Foment de les Arts i del Disseny (Fostering Arts and Design) is a non-profit association of professionals and businesses connected to design. Coexisting within FAD are five associations of the different creative disciplines, such as ADG-FAD (graphic design) or ARQUIN-FAD (architecture and interior design).

    Every year, FAD holds an exhibition showcasing the winners and nominees for every award given by its associations. In 2019, they organized a pitch for teams made of architects and graphic designers to design the exhibition system and its communication campaign. Partnering with Sarquella + Torres Architects, we passed the portfolio selection and won the three-teams final pitch.

  • By using the associations’ corporate colours and the logo-as-window cliché, our proposal insisted on the importance of reinforcing FAD’s brand, while giving it a festive tone and highlighting the real heroes of the exhibition: the nominees and winners.

  • Sarquella + Torres Architects managed to solve all the requirements on the brief with their proposal. The exhibition system had to be cheap, flexible, reusable, easy to storage and easy to assemble. By using trestle-based furniture, they created a modular system that met all these goals.

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