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  • All You Can Glyph

    A glyph is the visual representation of a character.

    Far more than a just component of text in typography, glyphs play the heart in type design. With difference typeface, glyphs can look unassuming or quiet, and give a significant mode of visual communication – including its lines, curves, angles, spacing and proportions – all contain details and considerations that invoke emotion. 

    A glyph is a cabinet of wonder that can transport across cultures and times and aesthetic dimensions. It is crucial but often neglected.

    We look to individual glyphs separated from the font family and using contexts. Within microcosmic perspective, glyphs are become dynamic as life. It’s expressive. It’s rich in emotion and vitality. It becomes a striking existence.



    A micro-exhibition co-curated by Onion Design and Eyeson Type

    不只是圖書館 2019.7.9 - 8.4 

    Instagram:  #allyoucanglyph

    Special thanks to Tien ming Liao