Vodka Snegurochka

  • This summer, Kostroma Distillery asked us to update the design of the vodka "Snegurochka" The objective was to make the label more attractive and festive, which should draw the attentoin of a new audience and at the same time retain the recognition without losing loyal consumers.

  • As a basis we've accepted the concept that "Snegurochka" is not just an alcoholic drink for the audience, but also an integrate part of Holidays, of holiday table decoration and also a well-known souvenir from Kostroma because this city is considered the homeland of Snow Maiden.

  • Our designers were inspired by the image of the Snow Maiden, which contains a lot of fabulous senses for everyone. Having decorated the label with patterns of frost and gemstones we tried to assocaite this product with all beauty and aesthetics of the Russian North.



  • Special attention was paid to lettering - designer Vlada Ruzhitskaya has developed an inscription in the style of Russian knit, decorated it with an image of a renewed kokoshnik and hidden ornaments of lining.



    Project Team


    3d modeling — Павел Губин
    Lettering — Влада Ружицкая

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