Oddcats! 3D Sculptures

  • I displayed these 3D printed figurines on my Oddcats! stand at Brand Licensing Europe 2019. I wanted to give visitors a better idea of how the 2D character designs could translate to a 3D format, for use as toys or in animation. I created them in collaboration with my husband, Alex.

    These figures were sculpted using Blender, an open-source 3D computer graphics program. The large figurines (approx. 5 inches tall) were printed in Polyamide (MJF) and the smaller versions were printed in white Versatile Plastic. They were painted using acrylic paints, with the larger figures finished in a satin acrylic varnish.

    For licensing enquiries, please get in touch at oddcats@zaraillustrates.com.

    © Zara Picken 2019 www.oddcatsworld.com
  • The figurines were grouped together in a display case. Alex also surprised me with a 3D printed pendant made from gold-plated steel, which I wore throughout the show.
  • Progress shots can be seen below - these show screenshots from Blender and a photo of an unpainted 3D print.