Oddcats! Illustrations

  • Oddcats! follows five mischievous creatures with a taste for fun and adventure! Join Meo, Kass, Gatto, Neko and Billi as they explore Oddlandia together. Cute, colourful and a little bit quirky, the Oddcats borrow odd socks to help them along on their travels as they make new and exciting discoveries. 

    Oddlandia is an exciting world featuring situations both familiar and new, encouraging play and imagination. It’s fun to explore space or sail out to sea with the Oddcats - even everyday activities such as baking and gardening can be a big “Oddventure” too! Sometimes the Oddcats find themselves in tricky situations but working together they are able to solve any problem.

    Oddcats! support children in learning about friendship, helping others and the value of teamwork. They are encouraged to play creatively and embrace learning opportunities along the way.

    For licensing enquiries, please get in touch at oddcats@zaraillustrates.com.

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  • These animations were displayed on screens at Brand Licensing Europe 2019 to advertise my stand to visitors.