• Project name: ”Reiwa-Shin-hanga”

    Series / Title: “Tokyo nightscape.01/Ginza in the rain”
    Publisher: Miyakodori
    Drawing: Shinji Tsuchimochi
    Carving: Takashi Kashiwagi
    Printing: Shun Yamamoto

  • Digital Illustration for the base
  • “Tokyo nightscape.01/Ginza in the rain”
  • ”Reiwa-Shin-hanga”Project
  • Concept: We want to revive the culture of ukiyo-e and Shin-hanga that have been historically cut off.
  • My first long-awaited ukiyo-e print has been completed.
    The first attempt of this project is
    With the latest technology to carve wood block with laser,
    The work is a new output that is made from digital and converted to manual work.
    It is a fusion of traditional printing techniques that have continued since Ukiyo-e.

    You can purchase my first Ukiyo-e print from overseas on the homepage of ''mokuhankan''.

  • Wood block
  • Detail
  • Production process