Gården Musicfest

  • Gården Musicfest

    Gården is a music festival held every summer in The Garden Society of Gothenburg, a city park founded in 1842 by King Carl XIV Johan. The park is acclaimed and praised for it's rose garden and the Palm House which was built in 1878. The cast-iron and glass house embodies the spirit of the 19th century and as a whole the park is a staple in Gothenburgs long history as a port city. 

    The identity for the festival is built on two merged concepts. One references the retro "Greetings from Florida"-postcards and is meant to position Gården as the place to be on June 5th and appear as a cool tourist destination. The other uses the design language and style of the 19th century to pay tribute to the rich history of the location. The color palette ranges from a hot, sweaty summer day to a breezy, cool evening and the illustration language used throughout all applications provides a party atmosphere. The project ranged from creating the identity system and print collateral like posters and ID-badges for staff to an Instagram strategy.