Most Expensivest Season 3


    I was called by KASANA to support them with the illustrations of almost every episode from season 3. I am happy with what I could achieve. Around 82 illustrated frames for the whole season.

    Special thanks for Kasana for being confident on me. Working with them was great!


    Each episode workflow had a different amount of illustrated frames, so every week I had to see how many sketches will come to finish them on time (I was always able to respect the deadline). Kasana was really supportive, they gave me everything I need on time.

    Good will blunting: From sketch to final illustration to animate

  • From illustration to animation (Credits to all animation team)

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  • Credits to animation team

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    Produced by Kasana for Mustache
    Directed by Mustache

    Executive Producer: Roberto Connolly
    Animation Directors: Juan Huarte, Emo Enriquez
    Project Coordination: Joana Cabrera
    Illustration: Benjamín Dato, Matías Perez
    Animation: Facundo Poviña, Lucas Scala, Nicolás Ortiz, Ramiro Eraso, Emilia Abot, Pablo Grato, Nazareno Rosso, Facundo Lopez, Patricio Blanco y Pasetto.

    Network: Viceland
    Production Company: Mustache
    Creative Director: Will Bystrov
    Post-Producers: Roshni Sabolcik-Gosalia, Dan Clark
    Story Producer: Charlie Marks
    Art Director / Lead Illustrator: Jeff Gess

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