Shadow of heaven

  • An A2 sized 'book cover' installation based on a book no longer in print. 
    Shadow of heaven by Bob Shaw was published in 1969 but set in the 21st century this science fiction story tells of a dystopian city decimated by nuclear war. The land so ruined the only way nature can grow is in a man made island floating in the sky called Heaven. The city dwellers desperately want to leave their homes and live on the island but it is forbidden. 
    Too show how the city yearns for the island in the sky, I created rows of identical simple shape buildings that slowly raise up towards a hanging city in the sky. the back board connects the two with a slight slope allowing for the buildings to sit upon it. The island contains the only green in the piece to attract the eye and show its value. The title sits behind the island to represent its ‘shadow’.
    It has be designed with geometric shapes and flat colour to suit the sci-fi and dystopia theme.
  • Thank you for viewing my work.