• Application & Website
    for Replyco

  • Replyco is a software, which works with sellers on the largest online 
    trading platforms to save the world of e-commerce from stress and bad reviews.

  • The essence of the program is to consolidate all communication between the seller
     and his customers in one place. We changed the appearance of the application, 
    add design, stylization of buttons, icons, etc. The app looked static and uninteresting, and we needed to rethink UI/UX design.

  • For the first stage, we created the structure of the application, two design concepts, color maps and schemes, 12 custom vector icons for the use.

  • The second stage includes the creation of the design of all pages of the application, according to the selected concept. It requires preparation of the mobile 
    and desktop versions, Ui-kit, samples of animations for layout, 
    and making ready of all source codes for transmission.​​​​​​​

  • Replyco's goal is to get rid of bad reviews and dissatisfied customers 
    in the e-commerce world forever.

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