Pyaterochka Stirateli

  • Pyaterochka is a well known chain of grocery shops in Russia, that you can easily find at the corner of almost every street in your city. The store always has some kind of promotion going on— sometimes it's big, sometimes it's small. 
    In summer 2019 Pyaterochka started a big promo in collaboration with Marvel. This promo is a sequel of last year's Stirately campaign. Stirately 2 is a collection of erasers in shape of Marvel superheroes with a stamp on the bottom. You can get an eraser for free if you make a purchase at Pyaterochka.

    Task: To develop a campaign that will build interest for the promo and create an anticipation of new Stirately 2. 

    Idea: Stirately are back! We build our campaign around teasing our audience and creating a feeling like their favourite heroes had arrived to the city. We shoot a video of heroes arriving and made a series of posters that show a glimpse of their presence somewhere in your town.