Absolut Colombia

    Colombians are Cheerful, that’s why we are listed as the second happiest country in the world. We have an incredible biodiversity, over 25 different accents, more than 80 indigenous existing communities, gold, oil, lots of smells and colors ...
    We have so many beautiful things in our country that we asked to ourselves, how do we put all that in a bottle?

    Introducing: Absolut Colombia
    a special edition bottle that synthesizes all the spirit of our country in a native musical instrument.
    The second skin is made of matt color aluminum with textured grooves and an empty cavity at the bottom where you store the pitchfork that is used to make the musical instrument sound. These parts complete the classic Guacharaca instrument that turns any party on.
    That’s how we created a fine design piece that has the brand essence and brings the joy and happiness of Colombia to the world.