Personal Branding — Amrit Pal Singh

  • I have been designing for 10 years now, from a one-man show to a very well organized one-man show. The journey has been great and I am looking forward to another beautiful 10 years of clients who don't know what they want. *wink-wink*
  • The logo is a spitting image of present-day me. The image is a dissection of the logo mainly for fun. I am taking self-obsession to a whole new level with my personal identity design, keep scrolling.

  • Some letterpress goodness with those hot-black edges. I wish the embossing was more prominent but for that I would need my lines to be thinner (oh-well next time)

  • A simple round signage and a wax seal I wish I used daily. 

  • It's Behance I can do client bashing can't I ?

  • Season's Greeting!

  • This is my website feel free to visit and say Hi!

  • This is my studio don't feel free to visit, take an appointment *wink wink*