Estonian Song & Dance Celebration 2019

  • The Estonian Song and Dance Celebration tradition, listed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, celebrated two jubilees in 2019: 150 years since the birth of the song festival and 85 years since the first dance celebration. 44 602 singers, dancers and musicians performed at the celebrations and more than 142 000 spectators attended.

    The purpose of the visual identity  was to link the legacy of the song and dance festival to the present day, using a combination of traditional and contemporary elements. The festive yet simple jubilee logo contains references to coat of arms and traditional brooch motif and binds the graphic identity to a dignified whole. The visual message is simple – the tradition of the song and dance celebration is alive and each participants relationship to it is personal.

  • Art Direction & Graphic Design: Martin Rästa
    Concept: Martin Rästa & Peeter Laurits
    Photographers: Riina Varol & Toomas Kalve
    Video Concept: Vitor Aguiar & Martin Rästa
    Video Direction: Vitor Aguiar
    Copywriter: Sten Weidebaum
    Producer: Liisi Toots