“SHARAN"  -  VOLKSWAGEN Group Japan
    Illustration Book by IC4DESIGN.​​​​​​​

  • Concept : 
    New Sharan Volkswagen Debut!​​​​​​​
    “Golf, camp, fishing, surfing. Sharan is the best full-size minivan for playing outside.“
    We made 6 pages illustration book of such activities with Sharan.
    If you order catalog, you can get this illustration book by IC4DESIGN.
    Check it out and enjoy your weekend.
  • Requests from client : 
    We checked IC4DESIGN's past works and offered.
    It fits perfectly into this world,
    - Density, Coloring, and Fun.
    With various activities as the theme,
    we'd like to create an illustration book that expresses people who enjoy cars and activities in a miniature garden style.
  • PROCESS : 
    We produced rough sketches according to various scenes.
    We modified according to requests such as car color, texts.
    Then proceeded to the main drawing after getting client's "OK".

    Client liked illustrations, so they changed to a larger size (130%) where the illustration can be seen more clearly.

    We organized objects like a diorama and a miniature garden in the hexagonal characteristic areas,
    We designed and drew so that people can enjoy it.

  • Rough sketches

  • Finished images :
  • Credits :
    Volkswagen group , Japan - Client
    Masaki Hisanaga ( Hakuhodo Product's Inc. ) - Designer