Ocebo│Branding + Illustration + UI

  • Branding
    ​​​​​​​Ocebo, a digital studio based in Lyon - France, welcomed me as their digital designer and illustrator and asked me to renew their visual identity. 

Their old logo used the CTA button shape (call-to-action) and they wanted a more neutral logo to develop a colorful and funny graphic universe. They wanted to keep vintage photos they already had in their branding and mix them with a pop and modern touch. 
I also designed a set of pictograms to enhance their presentations and official documents.

  • Web design + illustration
    The website has also been renewed to meet the codes of the new guidelines. With the art director Achille Delobbel,
    we reworked the UX in order to propose a more structured and simplified tree structure and navigation.
    Our portfolio is mainly about digital advertisings, we designed a home page with illustrations to have a graphic consistency. These illustrations refer to both vintage and digital advertisements. I also customized team portraits depending on our job, our personality or our hobby.

  • Thanks for watching!
    Branding + illustration: Jenny Lelong
    UI-UX: Achille Delobbel
    Motion design: Anthony Barre
    Production: Ocebo