• AMAN is the Hebrew root of AMEN and means to believe (have faith), to trust, to stand firm. At the heart of the meaning is the idea of certainty, firmness, dependability and trustworthiness.

    Tequila AMAN is a brand seeking honesty above all, from growing and nurturing our agave, to distillation and presentation of our product, we want to connect the best our land has to offer with our customers from all around the world.

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    A Sipping Tequila

    Notes: Floral, creamy, smooth, vanilla, strong vegetal presence of cooked agave. 


    Aged 3 months in whiskey bourbon American oak  barrels
    Notes: Butterscotch, ripe pitted fruit mingle with abundant agave notes.



    Aged 1 year in whiskey bourbon American Oak Barrels.
    Notes: Oak wood, velvet, vanilla, caramel and butterscotch.