• There’s always something going on in Moscow. Only city’s coat of arms stays unalterable. It has four elements: a cavalryman, a horse, a spear and a basilisk. All of them can be redefined and merged into an image of slaying with the spear. Unique stories were created by 33 Russian artists who spoke to create a contemporary coat of arms of Moscow

    Concept Misha Petrick
    Producer Nadya Petrick
    Sound Daruma Audio 
    Typography ESH gruppa
  • — Kulik dog as one of the symbols of Perestroyka —
    design and animation by​​​​​​​ Valery Zarytovsky
  • — Do we actually need such victories? —
    design by Anton Gudim 
    animation by Vladimir Orlov
  • — “Rubber Moscow” could fit everyone —
    design and animation by Superdesigners
  • — How much is your outfit? —
    design by Anna Cattish
    animation by RevengeMeow
  • — Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin is retrofitting city housing —
    design by Seva MFN 
    animation by Ilya Buzinov
  • — Metamodern warrior on his immaculate steed —
    design and animation by Alex Gorin
  • — Moscow is controversial: it’s both magnificent and gross —
    design and animation by Qshau
  • — Lil pop - хххри$та ₽ади— 
    design and animation by Agent Ksyushanski
  • — Competition is an engine for progress and a source for new memes —
    design and animation by Superdesigners
  • — Blistering and mind-blowing energy of the megapolis,
    ruled by the yellow devil —
    design and animation by Varvara Vyvique
  • — Is it OK if there will be no description? —
    design by Ilya Kazakov
    animation by Vladimir Orlov
  • — ❤️❤️❤️❤️ —
    design and animation by Anton Shavkero
  • — One-man band: in Moscow one should know how to do everything —
    design and animation by Superdesigners
  • — Nostalgia for sunny Moscow in the 80s —
    design and animation by Mik Kalinin
  • — The fight between old and ancient —
    design by Roman Novak
    animation by Tanya Strekalova
  • — Sometimes governmental actions are reminiscent of a naive child art —
    Design and animation by Anya Savelyeva, Misha Petrick 
  • — Love for soviet aesthetics and CatBoys —
    design and animation by Sonya Filimonova
  • — They say, people used to swim in the rivers —
    design and animation by Elina Novak
  • — No one believes in dragons anymore, the war is only seen in toys —
    design and animation by Pasha Ho
  • — Modern type of a knight —
    design and animation by Slava Kovalev
  • — Moscow is renown for yellow-green fencing, money and it’s lovers —
    design and animation by Ania Mopka
  • — Moscow = design-trend —
    design and animation by Alex Fedotov
  • — They say, mermaids are still found in Moscow forests —
    design and animation by Andrey Osadchikh
  • — Every day is a battle —
    design by Radik Z
    animation by Vladimir Marchukov
  • — Kandinsky is against Classical painting —
    design and animation by Alex Petrovsky
  • — Moscow and the issue of “safe” road chemicals —
    design by Ivan Pozdnyakov
    animation by Karina Pogorelova
  • — Who disrespects religion? Those, who danced in the church or those, who imprisoned innocents hiding behind religion? —
    design and animation by Karina Dehtyar
  • — Picture hunt for souvenirs —
    design by Liza Chernyak
    animation by Vladimir Orlov and Liza Chernyak
  •  —Graphical mantra in 24 frames of praising divine
    in the concept of sex-positive movement —
    design and animation by Stasik Kanevsky
  •  —How security-service agents shared Moscow’s cemetery market —
    design and animation by Oleg Kulinich

  • — Road works in Moscow as performance —
    design and animation by Victor Homenko
  • — Chaihona is the main place for business meetings —
    design and animation by Misha Petrick
  • — In an alternate reality paganism is taking over —
    design and animation by CLAN
  • Герб Москвы
    Thanks to all the artists for the collaboration