FELETTI – Le Tavolette Monorigine

    Le Tavolette Monorigine

    Our long standing collaboration with Italian confectionery brand Feletti continues with the restyling of a second series of chocolate bars: “Le Tavolette Monorigine”, produced with single origin cocoa beans hailing from Perù, the Dominican Republic and Uganda. We created these designs to fit inside the vintage renaissance we are envisioning for Feletti, but stand out beside “Le Tavolette Classiche”.

    The two toned frame is not there just for aesthetic purposes: it is a reminder of the dashed frames of old maps, which were actually measurement scales. Inspired by the incredible journeys through sea, air and land these beans have been traveling for centuries, we searched through old archives for authentic nautical maps form the XIX century to print on the front of the packaging.

    The classic Feletti gold was too polished and out of place among these natural earthy tones, so we switched it in favor of a warmer copper/bronze, reminiscing of the antique portholes and anchors found on old ships, darkened by wind and salt water.

  • Client: HDI Holding Dolciaria Italiana S.p.A.
    Art Direction: Federico Galvani
    Graphic Design: Anna Rodighiero
    Photography: Federico Galvani & Andrea Alice Bronzetti
    Photo Editing: Erica Zipoli