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    the retail intelligence data engine

    R.I.D.E. is a patent-protected platform and data fabric. It analyzes the retail industry’s purchase data using Visual Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to acquire actionable insights for retailers and brands.

    At the moment, retail giants such as Amazon and Alibaba have a unique understanding of their consumers. Amazon’s product reccommendation bar represents 30% of their revenues and 15% of America's entire Ecommerce.  

    R.I.D.E. is now offering access to this kind of technology and unique insights to retailers. It was created as a data engine that has the potential to revolutionize the sales and complete contextual understanding of a product or brand.

    We were invited to design an explainer video that would be used to promote the benefits of using R.I.D.E. for retailers, brands and potential investors. The challenge for this particular project was to create an animated video containing a lot of technical information, but that had to be easy to understand for several audiences as well as engaging and fun to watch.

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