• Once upon a time, beyond the seven seas, beyond the seven mountains, there was a land known by the name of Slovenia. Every traveler who ever found himself there - walking in a forest, listening to the music of a summer meadow, or watching the moon as she washed her face in a lake - sang about the beauty of that land. So many Slovenians tried to sing about their land too, but alas! No one but them understood those words with č and š and ž, and many lj-s, sweet like slaščičarna, sad like domotožje, pretty like Ljubljana. Fortunately, many Slovenian illustrators paint the stories from their land to be listened to with your eyes.

    Welcome, to see for yourself.
    Vabljeni, da vidite tudi sami.

  • Matija Medved​​​​​​​

  • iz Slovenije, z ljubeznijo
    from sLOVEnia, with love