Travel snapshots

  • A personal compilation of scenes that captured my attention, curiosity and observations during my recent travel in south india. Most of the scenes are the mundane everyday happenings, people going about everyday life and some of my personal experiences that sparked a thought/ dialog and imagination in my mind.

  • Light at the end - Walking through the old town in Bangalore, invariably end up in these narrow alleys following my curiosity . These curvy lanes still have a welcoming charm.

  • Coracle Ride - Coracle boat, the play of light/shadow on the rocky terrains and the beautiful flowing Tungabhadra River, 
    bring back fond memories of the enigmatic town of Hampi, Karnataka.

  • Way finding - Walking back late evening in Mangalore (Karnataka, india), I noticed this interesting duo working together to find their way back home through the storm. Had to recreate it!

  • Solitary walk on the bridge near Alleppy - This illustration was done on an iPad Pro

  • Exploring the Radhanagar shore at Andamans (india).This illustration was done on an iPad Pro using procreate

  • Harvest - Walking through lush green paddy fields in Kundapur, close to Udupi (Karnataka, India) during the harvest season

  • Shaping Mud - Shaping clay into artistic objects of utility

  • Long wait - I have happened to wait for my connecting bus at BC road bus stand, A quint essential, busy town close to Mangalore , Karnataka. The bus I was travelling on arrived a few hour delayed due to the heavy showers. Made this sketch at the location waiting for my bus to arrive. 

  • Lost in Details - Walking through the arched bays, consumed by the details, ornate interiors, domes and windows. Queens Bath , Hampi Karnataka 

  • Thank-you for making 
    it all the way!