• Meet Flashmain

    An ultimate online solution for mining efficiency tracking. Secure and easy to use.

    The site has a competent support service, where admins can send 
    documents and all the data. We made it the list of currencies
    that are generated on the client's equipment visually as clear as possible.

  • How it works

    Users buy servers and mining setups on which the crypt is generated. 
    Each month, users receive a percentage of capacity. 
    You can pull money out, or invest it in a pot and buy more equipment.


  • User Interface

    We wanted to make the interface easy to use, 
    good structured but highly interactive.


  • Need a help with professional 
    website app / ux?

    Hit us up at bigman@nextpage.com.ua 
    reach us by +380931015425

    More works and info 
    are available at our website