• Typocalli

    Who says that the Calligraphy is just art ?

    The Calligraphy and the Typography is together now in this new Typeface.
    Typocalli is a typeface, created in 2010 to check that calligraphy is not only art, and you can get to combine two types of elements to create a good typographic design. The calligraphy is the art of writing and typography is the proper structuring of the characters, typocalli is the blend of art and design.

    Can't be defined in a typographic classification, because today there are too many fonts that is very difficult to have so many typographical ratings.
    But typocalli is a gothic style and script classification, use elements that are to guide me to calligraphy, calligraphic pen use, the angle of inclination to make a gothic style, and made some small outlets to give more focus to the calligraphy. The typography is presented to be properly structured and the characters, so you do not see that are just at hand. Finally was decorated with a few frills to give a touch of elegance.

    Welcome to the new age.

    This is Typocalli.

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  • THNKS everyone for check this new Type.

    If you want it, contact me or buy it in Hand Made Font.

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