• We were approached to create a set of charming characters, known as Rufus and Louis for a healthcare campaign intended to educate kids with a specific condition. As the campaign is not for the general public, we've removed any reference to the condition or any medical information. 

    DDB had a specific look and feel in mind, so we worked with the creative team to develop the characters and the world for a range of final assets including comics and a board game.

    With a fixed budget, we created a rate card for the account team, to enable the agency to project plan depending on how many comics and layouts were needed. We'd love to animate this duo one day!  
  • When we were approached with this project the agency had a really clear direction for Rufus, which meant the design stage was more about bringing to life the concept, rather than designing the character from scratch through an iterative exploratory design stage. This meant we could get into 3D build pretty quickly and start developing a library of pops and environments for the range of assets the agency would need. 
  • To appeal to two age ranges, the agency created a series of stories for a younger and older Rufus character and so we designed Rufus at two age points. It was a nice process to take the principle characteristics of Rufus and ensure he looked like the same character across two age points. Although the two characters don't appear in the same space, we wanted them to feel intrinsically familiar to one another. 
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